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Sacred Earth Workshop at Love Culture Fest

Sacred Earth Workshop with Val Silidker, MS

AT: Love Culture Fest! Saturday, June 1st, 2013 -- 12PM

Sacred Earth
This workshop explores our transforming perceptions and the common threads that weave us together in the web of life. Through a combination of experiential exercises, meditation and reflection, all of which merge deep ecology with philosophy and spirit, this workshop deepens our understanding of ourselves and creates a sacred space to explore the depth of our wholeness as members of a Sacred Earth community.


Love Culture Fest
May 31 – June 2, Camp Greynolds

As human beings, we are born from Love, grow from Love and procreate with Love. With all the pain, dissatisfaction, anger and addictions we suffer from it seems to contradict the Love. Most ancient cultures developed methods of showing love in action. Buddhism, Taoism and Shamanism just to name a few. Food and Sex are expressions of Love. Dance and musical rhythms are expressions of love. Being present, listening and eye gazing are all expressions of Love. This Festival is one way the people we care about but don’t seem to make time for can come together in love and harmony to share our many expressions of LOVE.

Camping, spending time, listening, compassionate understanding, loving kindness, forgiveness, acceptance and non-judgment. These are the qualities of Unconditional Love. How do you express Love?

$195 includes food and shared cabin.
Featuring: Music & Dance, Juicing & Raw food, Sexual Wisdom, Psycho-puncture, Medical Qigong, Drumming Meditation, Massage for couples.~~~ Register now at For more information visit

Love Culture Fest Camping Retreat
Food & Fun
Music & Dance
Loving & Learning

Speakers & Musicians in progress
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More will be revealed.

What People Are Saying...

Val, thank you for your unwavering compassion, infinite love, and timeless wisdom. You are such a great teacher. You have shown me, not only through example, but also through your workshops ...