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Conscious Parenting Workshop

Workshop: Conscious Parenting

Parents and Children Welcome (ages 5-12). This One Day Intensive will provide you crucial insight into the art of Conscious Parenting with true pioneers in education, psychology and child-parent relationships!


Playing the Game of Life
7144 Byron Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33141

$125 one adult/$200 two adults
$50 one child/$25 each additional child
PAYMENT PLANS are available.*


For inquiries, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Featuring: Positive Communication and Life Skills®, Children as Mirrors, The Real Happy Mealz Funshop, Radiant Child Yoga & Qigong, Crossing The Invisible Bridge to Our Children’s World

Jeannette Egozi M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP, CSMC, Shirly Joy Weiss M.A. HHC, Sheryn Delgado-Abalos, Lisa Lumiere , Elahe Mehrel

*For those in need of assistance: A limited number of partial SCHOLARSHIPS are also available. If you feel called to join us and truly need assistance, please inquire. For more info, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About Conscious Parenting Workshop:

In this powerful workshop, you will:

  • Learn the science behind your child's emotional development
  • Practice conscious communication skills
  • Understand how parent’s subtle actions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs influence their children in far-reaching ways
  • Travel to the child’s world with profound exercises and role-playing that create empathy within the child-parent relationship
  • Learn important information about nutrition
For Children:
Yoga, Qigong, 5Rhythms® Dance, Art, and Music classes throughout the day!!

*Part of the day parents and children will be learning separately and other times you will be together engaged in various exercises that deepen your relationship with each other.

You may come with or without your child.

Speakers for this intensive include:

jeannette conscious parenting workshopJeannette Blanca Egozi M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP, CSMC

President of Playing the Game of Life , Certified Mental Health Professional Stress Management Consultant, Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist

Saturday, October 15th

Positive Communication and Life Skills® Workshop
Would you like to have more open and effective communication with your children, spouse, friends, family, or co-workers? This workshop will address crucial communication skills. Topics covered include:


  • Learn how to speak openly and vulnerably
  • Learn to hear the meaning behind words
  • Learn containment
  • Learn better listening skills
  • Learn how to communicate your feelings
  • Learn how to communicate your needs
  • Learn to make requests rather than demands
  • Learn to resolve a conflict peacefully

Sheryn Delgado-Abalos conscious parenting workshopSheryn Delgado-Abalos

Founder of T.H.R.I.V.E Cafe

Saturday, October 15th

The Real Happy Mealz Funshop
Come join THE T.H.R.I.V.E FAMILY and Sheryn Delgado-Abalos in our interactive workshop where we will teach our children how delicious and nutritious eating plant-based vegan cuisine can be and reap all the healthy benefits for you, your family and the environment. Thriving kids, thriving lives!!

Shirly Weiss Conscious Parenting WorkshopShirly Weiss, MA, HHC
Vice President of Education: IntelliBee® Educational System

Saturday, October 15th

Children as Mirrors: The Gift and Secret of Conscious Parenting
What are our children’s characters made of and how does who I am influence my child’s development? Moving away from intergenerational patterns into conscious parenting means learning to observe our environment and ourselves and consciously choose what we bring as our choices forever touch our children’s lives. This is the gift of conscious parenting, ultimately leading us back to greater knowing of ourselves. Lively discussion and self-exploration will provide parents with an opportunity to expand their observation skills, self-awareness and understanding of character influencing factors leaving them with the enhanced security that comes with knowledge, mindful choices and the actions that follow.

Elahe Mehrel Conscious Parenting WorkshopElahe Mehrel
Founder of Art Of Parenting

Saturday, October 15th

Crossing The Invisible Bridge to Our Children’s World
I will introduce an interactive practice for parents to communicate with their children. Every participant will be trained in the mirroring and validation skills to cross the bridge to their children. These skills improve parent-child relationships and positively impact children's behavior and self-esteem. Parents will feel the effects of the plasticity of the brain, that even the most rigid dynamics can change. Enjoy this hands-on practice to better the quality of the "space” between parent and child.

Lisa Lumiere Conscious Parenting WorkshopLisa Lumiere
Child Yoga teacher, Medical Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Saturday, October 15th

Radiant Child Yoga & Qigong
The program is a journey to *Yoga Wonderland* ... Children will stretch like a cat, jump like a frog or a rabbit, swim like a dolphin, walk like an elephant, move as if riding a camel and finally fly like a butterfly to arrive at magical Yoga Wonderland!!! Everyone will play fun games, sing and dance. Together we will practice joyful Taichi, Animal Qigong breathing exercises, meditation and kid’s Reiki. The program will conclude with each child sharing his or her dreams and supporting the realization of each individual’s unique vision!!

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