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Winter Feast for the Soul Global Meditation Movement

Join me for another beautiful Winter Feast for the Soul: 40 days of Meditation and Mindfulness!


Winter Feast 40 days begins January 15th to February 23rd

The Winter Feast for the Soul offers you a unique opportunity to cultivate inner peace and compassion for all life by committing to your spiritual practice for 40 minutes a day for 40 days starting on January 15th, with our opening ceremony on January 14th. It embraces all spiritual traditions and organizations; all are welcome to attend.

WE BEGIN THIS COMMITMENT TOGETHER in a beautiful opening ceremony and have gatherings throughout the 40 day journey to support each other in this intention.

Join with us and people across the world to celebrate this beautiful vision for peace and loving kindness as we awaken and EXPAND our LOVE together!!!


Zen Mystery
56 North Federal hwy
Dania, FL 33004

7:00pm- 9PM
FREE event
Food is available in their delicious vegan cafe!

Sitting pillow/Back jack


Please join us for the Opening Ceremony at 7:00PM where we will celebrate the start of this worthwhile endeavor by coming together for a candle-lighting ceremony and group meditation. Additional group meditations will be offered and posted at so that we can reconvene on a weekly basis as a way to continue supporting and inspiring each other on this journey.

Please dress comfortably.

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* Join our local group for updates on group meditations during the feast. Click on this link:
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MORE Info on the Winter Feast for the Soul:

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