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Psychosynthesis Complimentary Teleconference Class Series

Do you want to connect even more deeply with your TRUE SELF?
Are you eager to heal your wounds?
Are you ready to move from the realization of YOUR purpose to manifestation?


August 21, 22 and Sept 2, 2015

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1). Healing Self: Consciousness and Growth
Friday, August 21 from 5-7pm

2). Will and Choice: Living into Purpose
Saturday, August 22 from 10am-12noon

3). Living Meaning: Expressing the Qualities of Self
Wednesday, September 2 from 5-7pm

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Course Descriptions:
Healing Self: Consciousness and Growth
The Self, as a center of consciousness and will, is a powerful source of healing. One of the central aims in Psychosynthesis is to discover and connect more deeply with this true “Self” as the the home in which we abide, for it holds us in our wholeness and reveals the path of our life’s unfolding. Knowing ourselves beyond our stories allows us to come to acceptance of who we are, heal what is wounded, and live into our deepest purpose. This seminar will allow us to explore, in both theory and practice, the concept and reality of Self and the invitation towards Self-Realization.

Will and Choice: Living into Purpose
What is it that comes between our best intentions, on the one hand, and our ability to manifest our dreams and goals in every day life? Even our most determined resolutions can run into a world of conflict, uncertainty and other obstacles on the path. This workshop will explore the central role of the Will in Psychosynthesis, including the stages of the Act of Will that moves us from that first realization of Purpose all the way through to Manifestation. As Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthesis has noted, the will connects us to “the real and central core of our being.” When we get a taste of our potential as powerful willers, we move into a deeper relationship with Self and life purpose.

Living Meaning: Expressing the Qualities of Self
A meaningful life cannot be defined by any outside source. The true source of a life well lived lies within us as a sacred connection with Self. Whatever myths we have about who we should be, what a good person would do, and other similar stories can fall away as we learn what truly has meaning for us. Anchored into that sense of meaning, we are then invited -- through intuition, thinking, feeling, desire, imagination and our deepest bodily knowing -- to express ourselves more authentically. It matters not our profession, nor even our personality. In this seminar we will journey more deeply into our personal truth, for when we hold meaning, we have more avenues than we can possibly imagine for the expression and contributions of Self in our world.


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Facilitated by Didi Firman, Ed.D & Jon Schottland, MA, Val Silidker, MS, Alyssa Whitehouse

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Val, thank you for your unwavering compassion, infinite love, and timeless wisdom. You are such a great teacher. You have shown me, not only through example, but also through your workshops ...