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Join over 20,000 people from all over the world, of all ages in all traditions, and hundreds from our local south Florida community, who are taking part in one of the LARGEST AND LONGEST GLOBAL MEDITATION MOVEMENTS in the world! 

Hosted By Val Silidker, MS, BCC



Facilitated by Valerie Silidker and Matthew John

In an overstimulated world moving too fast, we rarely take the time to sit in deep presence with ourselves and with others. Being present to what is alive within us allows us to connect with our intuition, invites us to ask powerful questions both in self-inquiry and collective inquiry, and strengthens our ability to listen deeply to our own inner voice as well as what is authentically present in others.

The Awaken to Wholeness Summit is an invitation to live a deeply authentic life and courageously create a positive impact in our world through Mindfulness & Meditation, Psychosynthesis & Spiritual Psychology, Reconnecting with Nature & Wildness, Sacred Music, Self-Inquiry, Cosmology & Consciousness, Emotional Intelligence, Sacred Activism and Leadership, Authentic Relating and more.

Join me for a unique gathering of over 25+ world-changing thought leaders, authors, activists and visionaries, including Andrew Harvey, Deva Premal & Miten, Parker Palmer, and more, for a FREE ten-day journey that will deepen your perception of yourself, others and our world.



Sunday, April 24th - 10am-12pm- As we celebrate Earth Day, I invite you to come together with me and deep dive into the voice of the Earth within us. The great calling of our time, the evolutionary impulse calling us forward and into the next level our conscious awakening.

This is an important conversation and experience that will shed light and a more profound understanding on what is happening within us and our world, and I believe we MUST come together as a community to engage in this work.


In the past six months, I have offered over 100 videos on Periscope filled with powerful wisdom to help transform your life. You are invited to watch them all for FREE! This is my gift to you, dear friends. You can watch them -->HERE<--. And to join me LIVE on this interactive platform, connect with me on Periscope @ValSilidker. Simply download the app for free on your mobile device and connect through your twitter account.



March 14-23, 2016

The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness. - unknown
Science and our modern cosmology are a window into the true nature of our being and the limitless potential within us. As we come to understand the powers that exist both within the Universe and ourselves, we understand more fully what it means to be human. We become empowered with insight and inspired with the courage to live our full potential.

Are you ready to emerge as the powerful leader you were born to be?


Join me for another beautiful Winter Feast for the Soul: 40 days of Meditation and Mindfulness!


Winter Feast 40 days begins January 15th to February 23rd

The Winter Feast for the Soul offers you a unique opportunity to cultivate inner peace and compassion for all life by committing to your spiritual practice for 40 minutes a day for 40 days starting on January 15th, with our opening ceremony on January 14th. It embraces all spiritual traditions and organizations; all are welcome to attend.


Do you want to connect even more deeply with your TRUE SELF?
Are you eager to heal your wounds?
Are you ready to move from the realization of YOUR purpose to manifestation?


August 21, 22 and Sept 2, 2015

REGISTER BY EMAIL to get the phone number and login code:


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