Life is filled with beauty. Above us, below us, around us...inside us. Breathe it in. Inspire Your Life!

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Dream of the Earth

The most beautiful way to honor our larger body is to immerse in wildness. To be with Earth in its subtle and dynamic beauty and, through this, to experience our own.

At first, the wild movements- the sensation of the wind cooling the fierce sun, red-winged blackbird chasing the vulture away from his tree, tri-colored heron hunting for fish...
The more we watch, the more we listen, the deeper the subtle rhythms begin to move within us.

We feel ourselves deepening, our breath deepening. We notice an undeniable connection where our internal world expands, our body becomes larger. Close your eyes and the sound and sensations are within you. And the idea of what is inside of us no longer feels like ours alone.


It's from this space and this understanding that we become part of the dream of the Earth. We recognize that we are part of a much deeper consciousness. We remember that we are connected to something so much larger than our individual selves, that we are an Earth community, and that we have been unfolding, EMERGING, in an intelligent evolutionary dynamic for nearly 14 billion years.

Whether you recognize this or not, it is so. In every moment, with every breath, we are part of a vast WHOLE. Our nature is wild.

How can we expand our vision into this understanding? Beyond our consumer culture, beyond the money-god that dictates social and economic choices and results in the destruction of our world and all species...

Can we AWAKEN into this dream? It is calling us home.

Celebrating Earth
Celebrating Life
Celebrating the potential and possibilities that exist within us in this moment.

May we live every moment in the soul of the world, expanding perception, widening compassion and consciously taking part in our larger sacred story.

For Earth, for US, for all the future ones to come...

What People Are Saying...

Val, thank you for your unwavering compassion, infinite love, and timeless wisdom. You are such a great teacher. You have shown me, not only through example, but also through your workshops ...