Life is filled with beauty. Above us, below us, around us...inside us. Breathe it in. Inspire Your Life!

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Be F*cking Brave

Whenever ideas or limiting beliefs or stories that I tell myself get in the way of doing what I know I must do, I simply remember these three powerful words: Be Fucking Brave.

Sometimes life can feel intense, a little bit scary or overwhelming, sometimes we feel haunted by our past experiences and they make us feel paralyzed or send us into a downward spiral of self-destruction and pain, because we begin to identify with the role of a victim or get attached to a story about who we think we are rather than the actuality of who we are. These stories cloud us from seeing the brilliant person within, who is aching to emerge powerfully into this world.

I just want to remind all of you that you are powerful, you are beautiful, you are perfectly imperfectly perfect. You have tremendous gifts inside of you that must be shared with our world.

It's OK to feel fear, we all do. My invitation today is to also feel the COURAGE that is within you to do what you know you must do and transform that fear into inspired action, to care for yourself radically, to take the actions necessary to heal and to do the inner work so that you can SHINE your light and live the life you were meant to live.

You are as free as you choose to be. Nothing and no one has power over you. You can choose to be fucking brave and do what you know you must do, whatever that may be.

Try it.

The next time you're about to do something that doesn't serve you or not do something that does, the next time you feel yourself taking an action that is self-destructive or in any way does not feel good or resonate as right action for yourself or others or our world, take a deep breath and say these three words out loud. Then LISTEN to yourself.

I love you. We are in this together. We are here to support each other and to lift each other up to greater heights so that we can see a more positive and powerful future for us as individuals and for our entire world.

You can do this.

In Sacred Service,

What People Are Saying...

Val, thank you for your unwavering compassion, infinite love, and timeless wisdom. You are such a great teacher. You have shown me, not only through example, but also through your workshops ...