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Gratitude is a Revolutionary Act


As we gather together today to reflect on our lives and all that we have to feel thankful for, I invite us to explore the true power of gratitude and how it can transform our lives.

Gratitude brings with it a deep sense of peace and freedom.

It is liberating, AND It is subversive. It transforms our perception and is, ultimately, a revolutionary act.




First of all, Gratitude does not depend on outward circumstances. It is a feeling that happens inside of you and one that you can choose in any instant. No one can take that from you. It is yours, your own intimate feeling, your own choice.

This is where we begin: with a deep sense of awe at simply being alive. We may have our preferences on how we would like things to be, but just being alive in this mysterious experience is the most fundamental thing we can give thanks for. And we must. Can you feel that? Take a moment to really breathe that in. You are alive, experiencing an incredible journey…what a gift.

Now, we go deeper. Recognize who you are, how you show up in the world in your particular way of being and the gifts you hold within you and, as you explore this, realize that just as you are YOU ARE ENOUGH…this is where the real revolution begins.

By realizing that you are enough, gratitude brings freedom from the chains of our consumer society, a society that thrives on making us feel inadequate. Pay attention to what’s around you.

One of the most dominant forces that we face in our world today is that of consumer culture.  I would even go so far as to say we have in a sense a religion of consumerism.  We are all affected by this, especially children. By the time a child enters into first grade, they will have been exposed on average to about 30,000 advertisements.  In other words, advertisements are where our children receive their cosmology, their basic grasp on the world’s meaning.  And this is a multi-billion dollar industry that does not have our best interest in mind.  It’s a world-view based on dissatisfaction and the feeling of insufficiency: it tells us you’re not good enough, smart enough, popular enough, unless you have this product or look like this model or have this much money.  Our self-worth becomes determined by the things we own, and this creates a distorted view of reality and self based on a craving for materialism.

It's an epidemic: convincing people that they cannot be happy unless... And then if you don't have all of these things and you feel depressed, just take this pill. It's infuriating. The psychology behind it is to break people down and make them feel like they need more and more stuff to feel happy and that, ultimately, happiness is dependent on external things.

So what happens when we ground ourselves in gratitude and embody who we are so powerfully that we know we are enough? We are freed.

Because gratitude creates a profound shift and a fundamental transformation in perception; it goes against what society is trying so desperately to convince us of. This is how it is subversive. Because it supports the truth that you ARE good enough, strong enough, smart enough, attractive enough, that you can be happy in your own skin. You do not need things to feel happy or worthy.

Gratitude is internal happiness and does not depend on what you have or what you wear or what you look like. And when you really get that, consumerism has no hold over you. You may choose to have things, but they do not have you.

You have everything you need right here, right now.

So, I invite you to join the Gratitude Revolution.

Experience gratitude within yourself and give thanks for who you are, exactly how you are. In order to appreciate the world around you, you must begin within.  Give thanks for what is alive in you, and know that you are enough!

Once you are grounded in that experience, you can allow that feeling of appreciation to extend to everyone and everything around you. Experience the goodness in others. See the potential and possibilities in your life.

Be kind, gracious, loving. Because you are abundant. Once you know that, gratitude flows effortlessly through you and into our world contributing to healing, compassion and a soul revolution that transforms our world. 


What People Are Saying...

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