Life is filled with beauty. Above us, below us, around us...inside us. Breathe it in. Inspire Your Life!

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Movement in Stillness

Taking time to slow down and savor every delicious moment of this life IS the MOST productive thing we can do for ourselves and our world.

Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day? Our world is over-stimulated. We are running so fast, battling time like an enemy, all of us too busy to really process our experiences, our passions, our pains, our joys. Sometimes, too busy to really be present with each other and the deeper essence of our selves...I mean deeply present. Being that busy is a form of escapism.

A gentle reminder: Take time to be in conversation with LIFE. To reflect on the magic of you, to listen more deeply to your own inner voice and to deepen your relationship with the Mystery that flows through every cell of your being. Savor Life. See one another. Be intimate with this moment. Learn to enjoy slowness without the anticipation or fear that "nothing" is getting done. There is movement in stillness.

Be still and know...

With Love,


What People Are Saying...

Val, thank you for your unwavering compassion, infinite love, and timeless wisdom. You are such a great teacher. You have shown me, not only through example, but also through your workshops ...